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the offshore aquqculture
offshore aquqculture

World population keeps growing every day and along with that, the necessity of marine protein consumption, which in the last few years becomes an important ingredient of the human nutrition. 

In the other hand the fish population is extinct as a resulte of over fishing and high consumption in many worlds’ regions.

Governments around the world restrict over fishing and try to minimize the ecological damage causing by that.

Therefore an immediate need of fish farming is highly necessary.

 70% of the globe is water; most of those areas are not in use at all, the ongoing trend in the aquaculture today leads us to use unused ocean territories with natural habitat and minimum impact on the environment.

 The open ocean territories provide us the natural elements for ultimate fish cultivation habitat, without the need of investing external energy:

 All time oxygen saturation

  • Constant flow of microelements use as  a nutritional supplement
  • High water exchange

 The strong currents at the offshore condition creating high water exchange which deliver all biological needs of the fish.

Those ocean currents also use as a natural dispersed on a large ocean area which allows easy absorption by the ocean, and minimize the pollution.