Yechiel (Hilik) Swimir – Chairman

With experience of more than 25 years in innovative companies including: companies in the smart milking industry, which installed mega milking facilities around Israel and customize bus company for the entertainment industry in the U.S

Hilik studied practical electronic engineering at the Technion, Israel’s leading Institute of Technology; and holds a B.Sc. in electronic engineering from the New York Institute of Technology. He was a department head for the Pollack Brothers (milking system electronic laboratory).

Josef (Yossy) Melchner – CEO

The offshore condition is part of his daily life for the last decade. With experience of 8 years in project management; inland and offshore and business development in the aquaculture market. Josef has a B.Sc. in marine biology from the Ruppin Academic Center in Israel and MBA from the Open University of Israel.

He is a skipper and technical diver with considerable diving experience throughout the world.

NitaiDrimerJune2015 (1)
Prof.  Nitai Drimer – CTO

Associate Professor, Faculty of Mechanical EngineeringHead of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Major.

Is manager of NAMCO– Naval and Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd. and head of CAMERI – Coastal and Marine Engineering Research Institute.NAMCO designs vessels and special offshore structures such as: undersea
observatories, offshore fish farms, work boats, patrol boats.CAMERI provides applied research services and model testing in areas of coastal and harbors engineering.
Nitai also lectures at the TECHNION – Israel Institute of Technology, water wave theory and dynamic of marine structures.

Daniela Modiano – Marketing & Business Development

While completing her undergraduate studies in International Relations, Business and Anthropology at Brandeis University, Boston MA, Daniela studied for a semester abroad in Vietnam where she first became interested in sustainable aquaculture. After working for 2 years in the commodity trading of petrochemicals in Africa, she decided to follow her true passion and join the SUBflex team.

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 Evyatar Snir – Senior Biologist/Aquaculture Specialist

Evyatar brings with him a long-term knowledge within the Aquaculture industry with experience spanning over 22 years. Experience with major Aquaculture companies such as Royal Fish and Matan-Negev Shrimp in Israel provided a solid base and expertise in Open Sea Cage Farming and RAS systems. this paved the way for his further involvement in long-term missions in Vietnam and Sri Lanka and many shorter missions in various countries, working with a variety of fish species including Stripped Bass, Barramundi, White Shrimp, Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Red Drum and Puntazzo, as well as ornamental fish such as Fantails, Koi and Cichlids.

 Amitai Peleg – Mechanical Engineer

Amitai Peleg is a mechanical engineer in the field of marine engineering. Starting in 1998, Amitai has gained extensive experience at sea while operating a range of small to medium scale vessels.

Amitai is holding a B.Sc degree in mechanical engineering from the Technion Institute of technology Since 2008. Some of the project he has been leading are in the field of autonomous marine systems and automation of processes at sea in general.

Motivated by the passion to create new ideas and to solve physical challenges at sea.