The anchor unit, based on a proprietary design, adjusts to specific local maritime conditions including: wave swell, wind, currents etc. The SUBflex team works with the client to suit the specific anchor unit to the existing conditions. The main frame is connected via customize cords, all joined together at a central cord linked to the anchor. 

Environment Friendly – The SPM design enables dispersing of fish feces and unconsumed feed over a 1,000m diameter, dramatically minimizing the impact on the seabed and natural marine habitat. In addition the large space potentially occupied by the SUBflex system creates a trawling and fishing free-zone – a natural reserve in our fish depleting oceans.

SPM – Single Point Mooring – Allowing circular movement around a single mooring unit of up to 360 degrees according to the changing currents. This proprietary design, used only by SUBflex worldwide, enables the system to adjust to currents and winds rather than resist them, giving it longer life span and higher durability in harsh weather conditions.