SUBflex’ full service includes: research and development, a feasibility study, business plan assessment, creation of the custom made systems, on site system installation, maintenance training, and any required engineering solutions, as well as several complementary products. SUBflex supports the client in every aspect of their aquaculture business, including the ways and means to produce a high quality, large quantity yield.


Research and development

This department of SUBflex Ltd. is responsible for future and more advanced products. In addition, it works closely with each client so as to design the best custom made product for the specific location, obtaining a maximum quality and high quantity yield.


Feasibility study

This includes the evaluation of all aspects concerned with the installation of a new system at a specific location, as well as the preparation of a business plan for the client.



This means assembling the system on land and towing it out to the off shore location for final adjustments.



As to the maintenance, we work very closely with the client, so as to establish an appropriate maintenance team, and instruct it in such a way that it could function independently. In addition, we support the client with periodic inspections and guidance.