The Ruppin academic center has had close contact with R & D since its inception.SUBflex is a proud member of OSI, and shares its views for the promotion of offshore aquaculture worldwide.
Proaqua  is an  aquaculture consultants company as serves as SUBflex  distributor in Australia and New Zealand.  Is a provider of fish farming technologies, aeration systems and hatchery products.AEG- solutions is an engineering company which develops automatic water born feeder, fully integrated in the SUBflex systems.
compass logo Compass Ventures is an investment group that serves as a gateway between entrepreneurs and global ventures. Compass, identify opportunities in private and public sectors worldwide, and turn them into thriving businesses. The group was founded by a former World Bank consultant and is backed by world-class executives, each with an extensive network for building ties in Asia-Pacific markets and other emerging economies.Tecnicapompe is a high quality manufacture of heavy duty stainless steel fish pumps, suitable for open ocean operations.
Quintas & Quintas is a supplier of full-polyethylene high quality boats for open ocean aquaculture, as well as supporters, buoys, lanterns etc.JEYCO is a unique design of mooring solutions with ample understanding  of the single point mooring technique.
Oceanbuoys is a leader in satelite systems for aquaculture applications. Oceanbouys collaborates with SUBflex to meet the needs of the Peruvian aquaculture industry and represent our submersible netcage technology in its activities