In 2004, The “Michmoret” Pilot was installed in the East Mediterranean Israeli waters, 2 km offshore. Both the cages and fish (gilthead sea bream) withstood successfully an 8-meter wave storms by submerging, and 3-meter waves while on the surface, floating. The growth rate of the fish was proven to be much faster than in sheltered areas; fish reached 400 gr. within 370 days Offshore, versus 450 days in the sheltered area. Open sea biological conditions have proven to be ideal: oxygen levels have been high, and constant currents provide fish with excellent water exchange.By 2008, SUBflex was already operating 3 small scale Commercial fish farms in the Mediterranean Sea with a production capacity of 350 tons/year.

In 2009, the first SUBflex commercial fish farm system was designed and installed with the production capacity of 1000 tons/year. Situated 11 km off the shore of Ashdod, in the open sea, 60 meters deep. Even during the harsh weather conditions and strong currents, involving waves up to 9 meters (28 ft), the SUBflex system and fish were completely left intact without any damages.

The cages had been stocked with sea bream (sparus aurata), and after 12 months, the fish was harvested, weighing an average of 400 grams. The quality of fish was excellent with the FCR (Food Conversion Ratio) as low as 1.8, resulting in considerable savings to the owners.