SUBflex is the world’s biggest offshore fish farm in open ocean production

SUBflex is a Hi-Tech company specializing in innovative sustainable fish farming. SUBflex designed and operated the world’s biggest offshore fish farm in open ocean production. Established in 2004, SUBflex is a forerunner in third generation marine aquaculture know-how and it is the solution to the challenges that traditional fish farms face today. From the real estate challenge, to the water pollution and destruction of marine ecosystems, SUBflex moves fish offshore, back into their natural habitat where the oxygen level is ideal and the natural micro-elements help the fish grow faster and healthier, with negligible use of antibiotics.

SUBflex’s Technology

SUBflex’s key asset is its environment friendly cutting edge technology of a submersible single point mooring (SPM) net cage system lining up all cages in a single array. By being able to submerge the entire system, the cages and the fish are not affected by harsh weather conditions, and its single point mooring allows it to rotate 360 degrees, thus not polluting or being affected by external pollution.